JERI DANSKY proofreader & editor

Making your good writing even better


I've been an editor since high school, when I worked on the staff of my school's annual literary magazine.

More recently, I'm the past editor of the monthly newsletter published by the National Association of Professional Organizers - San Francisco Bay Area Chapter.

Since January 2008 I've been the editor of CoastViews Magazine.



Jeri Dansky has many skills she utilizes as editor of CoastViews Magazine. Her thoroughness and attention to detail have helped the magazine achieve a high level of interest among readers. Jeri's creativity is evident as she offers ideas about future articles and her experience with the internet and browsing has been invaluable.

-- Gwen O'Neill, publisher


Editorial work requires a keen eye for detail and an excellent ear for how the text will "sound" to the reader. As a superb writer herself, Jeri Dansky is a gifted and delightful wordsmith. As an editor, she is a superlative interpreter of AP style: exacting, sensitive and devoted. Jeri is also a sheer pleasure to work with, full of wisdom and good humor.

-- Heidi Trilling, writer


You really do an amazing job.

Anytime you need a reference I will let anyone know you are the most thorough editor I have had at any of the dozens of magazine I have worked at.

-- Joe Devlin, writer


I love your editing and have total trust in your capacity to make what is good even better.

-- Stephen Martin, FMT, writer